New Beginnings

June 1st. Whilst I can’t quite believe that we’re half way through the year already, I’ve been so excited for this day. Not only are we closer to summer and my Australia blues are becoming easier, I’ve been waiting for the right time to start blogging properly again. It’s been difficult finding the time or motivation to take up writing frequently again, and it’s also been a battle finding the confidence to share my passion with people I know.

But I’ve been planning this new launch on my blog for quite a few weeks now. It’s almost been six months since I arrived home from Australia and there’s only so many travel posts I can think of before it becomes a bit too ‘old’. I needed a new direction, a new topic and an excuse to write again and keep up my little hobby. The truth is, I find the whole idea of this website completely embarrassing and to be honest, I’ll be very surprised if this post even makes it on here.

I’ve been blogging for nearly three whole years and for the majority of that I’ve been using different names in order to keep my blogs well away from anyone I know. But since Australia I’ve been trying to develop a different mindset to encourage myself to not care about what others think about me or what I do on the internet. Even now, I’m still struggling to not be embarrassed about it.

Anyway, here we are. If you’ve carried on reading I suppose I better tell you why I’m doing this. I love content creation, I love taking photographs and I love writing about topics I feel passionate about. Right now, that’s fitness, photography, and encouraging others to do more of what makes them happy.

I still want to keep up with travel content, photography bits and general lifestyle posts, but one I want to focus more on is my new found love for fitness and the gym. However, my goal isn’t to dish out unnecessary fitness advice you can read everywhere online, I also want to keep well away from losing weight aspect of it all. It’s more to motivate people to achieve their own personal goals, how the gym makes me feel and how anybody can do it if they put their mind to it.

I suppose you could say that I’m sharing my own journey on here, trying to battle my own little negative thoughts in my head, and if it encourages others to lead a lifestyle they love – that’s fabulous.

So if you’re interested in my writing or want to know a bit more about me, welcome! I definitely write better than I talk!

I x

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