Why You Should Consider the Sony a6000 for Photography and Blogging

Last week I wrote a blog about “The Best DSLR Camera, that isn’t a DSLR” all about my new favourite camera, the Sony Alpha 6000.

If you are anything like me and definitely still an amateur photographer still learning, and have had no experience with an expensive camera before, then I couldn’t recommend the Sony a6000 enough.

I needed a camera to help with my passion for everything photography related, including blog posts. If you know all about your cameras, then this review isn’t what you are looking for. But if you are an amateur photographer looking for the perfect camera or are just getting started out, this is a review by an amateur photographer still learning about photography herself.

The reason why I swerved the idea of buying a DSLR was because of the size. I needed a camera that I could carry around everywhere with me, travel with and feel less exposed with in public. Having limited experience and knowledge about cameras, I didn’t know that there was an option of having a compact camera with similar features to a DSLR. The a6000 gives me everything I need. The size is perfect to put in a small bag, to take everywhere with me and is less in your face than a DSLR would be. If you are anything like me and hate drawing attention to yourself, although I am getting so much better at this, then the a6000 is the perfect option. It isn’t bulky, it still looks like a quality camera and it is incredibly easy to take around with you.

The features
Once again I was a complete amateur when it came to buying my camera last month. I had no idea that it took so much to take the perfect image, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about how to use a DSLR camera. After weeks of reading and learning, I knew that it was a DSLR camera that I needed. The Sony a6000 isn’t a DSLR camera, however it provides similar settings to learn such as learning the super fast shutter speed to learning all about the ISO. The a6000 is a mirrorless camera which simply means that the lens is interchangeable, a feature that a DSLR camera does not have. Another major turning point for me was the view finder. The a6000 provides an excellent sized view finder which makes using it even more similar to using a DSLR. The camera also uses WiFi, which makes it easy to transfer your images onto your phone. This is great for travelling! Overall, learning to use the camera is fairly easy and clear.

The kit lens
This relates back to the features of the camera. When you come to purchasing the a6000, you have the option to either buy the body or to buy the camera with the kit lens (16-50mm). I was apprehensive about the lens. I didn’t know if it would be a better option to buy the body or the camera with a lens. The reviews were generally mixed, but I decided to go for it and buy the whole package. There is nothing wrong with the kit lens. If you are a beginner, this lens is all you need. It has zoom and wide angle, and provides excellent quality pictures. All of my images so far have been taken using the kit lens. The only negative is the images are sometimes on the soft side, which can easily be corrected using software on your laptop or an app on your phone. So if you are apprehensive like me, it is totally worth buying the kit lens, too. The lens also provides a super quick auto focus, which again is an excellent feature.

You can’t argue with the price. You receive a lens worth around £220 on its own and a quality camera to go with it, all for £499. The Sony a6000 is a quality camera that is going to give you everything you need and more. It beats expectations and it is unlikely that you will ever have to buy another camera again. The only thing I would recommend you spending money on is extra lenses depending on what you are specialising in.
Where to buy it
You can buy an a6000 from any camera shop and they all sell it for the same price. I bought mine from my local Wilkinson’s shop and I would recommend you do the same if you are from the UK. They gave me an offer of a memory card, 3 year guarantee and a camera bag all for £520, and you will need all three anyway. They also gave me a ton of helpful advice and facts to go with it.
The future
Mirrorless cameras are for sure the next big thing. These cameras are still relatively new, however with the popularity soaring, many companies are now selling quality lenses for the a6000. I have recently bought The Rokinon 12mm lens and I can’t wait to show you new images on a different lens. Another range I would recommend are the Sigma lenses.
What are you waiting for?
If this is exactly what you are looking for in a camera, then don’t hesitate to buy it. The camera is excellent, easy to use, compact and fun to use all for a generous price. There are several forums which offer advice and tips if you are struggling with something or are considering buying a new lens. In the next few months I will be travelling and visiting new places around England which will hopefully help build my portfolio even more. I am also organising collaborations with professional photographers over the next coming months.
This camera is perfect for amateur photographers, bloggers or for somebody who just loves photography. What do you think?
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